peach pit and methyl ethel – defining indie rock

Let me introduce you to Peach Pit and Methyl Ethel if you aren’t already aware of their presence. They both have that dreamy indie pop-rock vibe that makes you feel as though you’re drifting through time in a summer haze while lying in a field of daisies. It’s the kind of music you’d play on a lazy afternoon hanging out with some friends or just alone in your room thinking through distant memories. 

Methyl Ethel

Having discovered Methyl Ethel first, I found their sound different and refreshing compared to all the surf rock bands breaking out in the Australian music industry. Now having two albums under their belt – ‘Oh Inhumane Spectacle’ and ‘Everything is Forgotten’ – they’ve gained a lot of popularity in recent years with their music being described as ‘art rock’ or’indie rock’.

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Source: Drowned in Sound

My personal liking of Methyl Ethel comes from their individuality. I hadn’t previously heard anything remotely similar to what they have produced, and they have the type of music that while there are a few stand out songs, the rest all come together to create a certain feel that makes their albums perfect for background sound to set a distinct mood.

Methyl Ethel – Scream Whole

Scream Whole displays the artistic vibe from Methyl Ethel while also exhibiting their ability to make music that could potentially appeal to the masses. They’re not limited to a specific genre as such and aren’t afraid to make songs that are perceived more mainstream, but also they know what their sound is and in other songs its clear that they’re not making music just for an audience. 

Methyl Ethel – Ubu

This is the song that kind of got the ball rolling for Methyl Ethel as a band and allowed their music to reach more ears, which is what makes it an important turning point in their career so far. The video for this song exhibits how the band themselves are there more for the art than to make themselves appear a certain way. They don’t attempt a cool aesthetic or try and come off a certain way but instead take a step back, letting the music speak for itself and not taking away from that. With all their videos they have a way of being present without making themselves be the focus. 

Methyl Ethel – Twilight Driving

Twilight Driving takes a different turn to some of their more popular songs discussed not only in style but in visuals too. Immediate differences notable in this song is the subtle Australian identity, whereas a lot of Australian bands are very loud and clear about the fact they’re from Australia, Methyl Ethel don’t sell themselves on that fact and when producing this song they have lines that point to their Australianism in a way that isn’t overpowering or too much. This is evident in the scenery in the video and lyrics such as, “twilight driving, gotta watch out for the roos”.

Methyl Ethel – Real Tight

A significant aspect of their new song Real Tight is that in their music video – compared to others – the band seem more in the spotlight and at the forefront of the video without taking away from the song itself. Its like they’ve found their groove and are more themselves in their music as opposed to their older songs where they are often in the background of the video, never a featuring aspect. 

Peach Pit

Peach Pit is a Canadian group that has a distinct vibe to their music, often described as a more melancholy and muted than pop music as a whole. They borderline pop and rock and alternative, never fully being a part of any one genre but instead dabbling in a few similar genres. They almost encompass that “indie” vibe that is heard about quite a bit. 

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Source: Indie Exposure

Peach Pit to me has become a band that I know I’ll listen to throughout the summer months, on long road trips and when I’m lazing around the house. They have a sound that is unique but also isn’t completely new as a lot of artists out there are making similar sounds. Except Peach Pit continue to find a way to stand out from the rest by making music that reflects past generations of pop and rock bringing with them a more retro vibe. 

Peach Pit – Seventeen

Immediately what you notice about Peach Pit is that they are a lot more pop-y as opposed to Methyl Ethel. They have more of a light summery vibe, but their music is also a dull and muted compared to songs generally in the pop genre. Seventeen is about being a teenager and not really knowing what you’re doing or who you are but figuring it out which is simple enough but paired with the video of the lead singer – Neil Smith – dancing in different locations you see with the colour scheme of the video that the two media forms complement each other in a way that makes the song stand out. 

Peach Pit – Alrighty Aphrodite

Alrighty Aphrodite is different to a lot of Peach Pit’s other songs not only in the video its paired with but also in the lyricism and instrumentals. It has more of a dull and sombre feel to it, with less upbeat sounds and a more serious task at hand. It’s evident immediately that the song convicts a girl of a destructive pattern of destroying every guy she is with. Throughout the song and even in the title you see how they put her on a pedestal of great power and strength even in just drawing a comparison between her and the Greek Goddess of love and beauty. 

Peach Pit – Sweet FA

Peach Pit has been described as “knowing when to shut up” and that is evident in this video with the solo we receive from their guitarist Christopher Vanderkooy in Sweet FA. Their vocalist isn’t afraid to take a step back and let the music speak for itself while not being uncommon – there are a plethora of songs and artists that do the same thing – it’s still a notable aspect of their music. 

Peach Pit – Drop the Guillotine

Drop the Guillotine stands out for how the band have a way of producing music that isn’t meaningless but also doesn’t hold too much depth, an interesting route to pursue. The band also has a way of being fun and funky without looking like they’re trying too hard to be anything specific. They’re not attempting to copy what’s already been done but aren’t going to go to wild lengths to be different just for the sake of it.

To wrap this up I want to state that both Methyl Ethel and Peach Pit are making amazing and fun tunes while keeping to their own individual styles and producing sounds that are true to them. I bring them together only to highlight how both bands while fitting into similar categories are quite different from their lyrics to instrumentals and videography. If you haven’t already please look into these bands as they are producing incredible music. 

Thanks for reading and until next time, 

Indy xx

generation why and crush culture

One of my favourite people to watch on youtube is Conan Gray. Introduced to me by one of my best friends, I quickly became obsessed with him for his fun videos and breathtaking singing voice. He’s always been into music and has posted singing videos, but now he has taken it to the next level with a record deal and a whole bunch of new music.



Source: @conangray


Generation Why

Recently though, he has been working on releasing new music and with that came the music video for Generation Why:

The first thing you notice about this song is the way it appeals to the eyes and ears with a soft melody voice and sunset suburbia. Throughout this video he throws newspapers on lawns that display different headlines, generally about how the world is coming to an end.

Referencing to the millenial generation, he talks about parents bullying him. Then transitions to many shots of Conan and his friend lying around the house and the park.

This song is very much a youth anthem in which many people can relate to with the feeling of being young and lost and simply a kid in today’s age. The title “Generation Why” is a play on words referencing to the millenial generation, also known as Gen Y.

Conan directed the video and in his behind the scenes of it discusses how the song is about the repetitive life of a small town and how boring it can be sometimes with nothing to do.

Generation Why definitely gives me Lorde vibes, at least from her debut album. And not only do I sense this in sound, but also in the content of what he sings about, with how the world is coming to an end anyway and he’s just a messed up teen.


Crush Culture

Crush Culture is Conan’s other new release, and I’m going to be honest in the fact that I don’t like it as much as I liked Generation Why. Don’t get me wrong, I still found the video and song quite enjoyable, I think I just related to the content in the first song more.

However, Crush Culture is still a fun song that deserves a listen. He basically talks of jealousy and lonliness and how it feels like everyone is falling in love and in relationships while you’re just there. It displays Conan being fed up with everyone being in love, and while its not my favourite, I do still enjoy the song.

Conan has always made music from the heart and never for the audience in an attempt to cater to what’s popular, and that is why his career has endless possibilities. Am I excited to see where he will go next? Of course. Do I hope that he’ll continue to make music based off the things he is passionate about? Absolutely.

But we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we.

Indy xx

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windbreakers are back baby

On a recent trip to Sydney I went into the thrift store, Cream, which is a well known store for having an assortment of different retro clothes hand-picked for their store. So when you go into Cream someone has already done all the hard work for you, compiling genuine 80s and 90s clothes into one place.

Which brings in my new personal favourite: the windbreaker. Cream have plenty of windbreakers in store and the best part is they’re all different. They’re essentially one of a kind while also being part of a massive trend.

I’d been on the lookout for a good windbreaker for a while. And a while back I’d almost found the perfect one if it weren’t for a stain that graced the front that detered me from making a purchase.

But then I found this gem.


I found this blue, purple, white, and black nike jacket that has the best colours I have come across by far. Paired with black jeans and a singlet top and it makes for a great outfit.

I have worn this non-stop since purchasing this jacket. Its perfect for a cool spring day, or something for a chilled night out. I’ve even worn it to concerts and to work. It has become the perfect accessory to any outfit.

My favourite part about these jackets making a comeback is that they are in a sense original designs and one of a kind. Everyone begins to start buying these jackets, but they’ll all be slightly different and no two the same, meaning that we can essentially keep up with a trend while also staying true to our own sense of style.

The only real downside would be the fact that you might have to do some real digging to find one you genuinely really like. But if you’re a fashion enthusiest then I assume you’re down for the challenge. And like I previously mentioned, there are always stores peppered around cities that will cater to certain clothing eras in which you’ll likely find a windbreaker to match your look.

Are YOU a fan of the good ‘ol windbreaker making a fresh new comeback?

Indy xx

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Netflix’s Dark

Its been a long while since I became addicted to any show on Netflix, until I watched Dark. That show sucked me in and spat me out, leaving me breathless, confused, and overall begging for the next installment. But why? What was so good about this one show that I’m forced to write about it now? Well…

Let’s begin with the trailer. It appears to be similar to Stranger Things with the whole “travel to a different dimension science fiction” thing going on. But that couldn’t be futher from the truth! Yes, it does have some science fiction aspects, but really, thats only there to tie the rest of the story and characters together.

This show is one that is dense. It is not a tv show for the faint of heart or the barely interested. If you watch this, its less of a “oh let’s relax for a bit and put on some tv”, and more like… “I just binged this show for 10 hours straight, I haven’t slept in days, ¬†and I don’t know what’s real anymore or what I’m doing with my life.” My point is that you’re either gonna be not interested or fully invested.

When I first gave this show a watch, I gave up after half way through the second episode. I just wasn’t in the mood for a show of that type. And now that I’ve come back to it I don’t know why I waited so damn long to see it. It is German, which means you’ll either have to cringe through it being dubbed, or read with every scene. I preferred reading, as I feel it takes something away from a show when you remove their native langauge.

ANYWAY. I don’t want to spoil anything but the way that the writer’s interconnected every little detail and every character was incredible. I’m telling you, to watch this show not only do you have to keep track of a whole cast of characters and their backstories BUT you also have to remember who their past, future, and present versions are.



Source: Antyweb


And the fact that I can hate some characters so much that anger literally rises within me when I see them on screen, with me investing all my hopes and dreams into the one character who deserves so much more. And then theres how, with most characters, they allow you to see them from all angles. How good people can do bad things and vice versa.

Not to mention the whole time travel aspect that will leave you questioning everything.

The only dissappointing thing about Dark is that the season final leaves you with more questions than you begin with, and doesn’t even answer your initial questions. Its like… “okay, this big reveal is way cool and all but where did the boy that went missing in the first 10 seconds go? We still don’t know?”

So in conclusion, please go and watch Dark, or at least the trailer, because its one of the best tv shows I’ve ever seen and Jonas is and always will be my favourite character. If you have any movie or tv show recommendations, please let me know because I NEED something to take my mind off Dark.

Indy xx

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local talent at the small ballroom

A couple nights ago there was a gig called Psyco Beach Party in which a few local bands came together to perform at The Small Ballroom, a great scene in Islington which is an all ages venue allowing for underage kids to enjoy live music.

Laundry Boys

*Photographer// Ashley Naylor

The Laundry Boys were the first band of the night, and the perfect band to warm up the crowd. Their music is soft and mellow with a very chilled vibe, that got people up and dancing but wasn’t super crazy. Their music is one of my favourites of the night, and they have a lot of potential which leaves many people excited for their next release.

Below is their song swim which I recommend checking out.


Cherry Stain

If I’m being completely honest, I was not all that excited to see Cherry Stain. I’d listened to a few of their songs previously and I wasn’t into it, mainly because they rap and I’m not a huge fan of rap music.

BUT I was shocked and excited by their performance. They bring rap, instrumentals, and a jazz vibe all into one mix and somehow it works really well. With this unique style I don’t doubt their ability to go far. The crowd’s response to their music was nothing short of enthusiastic.

If you’re into Hilltop Hoods, then it’s likely you’ll like Cherry Stain too.


Milky Thred

*Photographer// Andrew Brassington

Milky Thred was the band I was most excited to see and they were my favourite of the night. They were incredible and there is no doubt that their fan base will just continue to grow. The crowd during their performance was full of energy and they played a variety of their songs, covers, and unreleased songs that are yet to be on spotify.

These kids are still in their teens and already putting on killer performances, its only imaginable where they could be in a couple years when they have more time and energy for their music.


White Blanks

White Blanks were the final band of the evening and definitely ended the night with a bang. It took them a few songs to get in the swing of things, but after that the energy was unreal and the crowd was losing it. Anyone that left before this last performance unknowingly missed out on one of the most energetic bands of the night.


The small ballroom is known for hosting all ages gigs with sick bands, and this night was no exception. The entire feel and vibe of the venue and bands was one unique to newcastle. Hope you guys enjoyed, and please leave band recommendations below in the comments!

Indy xx

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monthly music – september 2018

September has been a wild month, in general and for discovering new music. From small surf rock bands to discovering new genres and falling back in love with artists I once obsessed over, this month’s playlist is filled with songs from across the globe and many from my home country.

Entitled Generation by Tiny Little Houses

I discovered this band when they opened for Hockey Dad a few weeks ago and I loved them. Although the intrumentals aren’t anything new the lead singer has a very unique voice and the lyrics are definitely refreshing. Their whole vibe seems to be based around that existensial crisis feeling many people get once they are finished school and don’t know what to do next with their lives. Entitled Generation definitely discusses what its like to be a milennial.

Join The Club by Hockey Dad

Hockey Dad are a long time favourite of mine, and rightfully so. Their songs always have a great instrumental aspect and the vocals and lyrics are amazing. Being only a two-piece band, they utilise their talents well by combining vocals and playing multiple instruments. Join The Club is surrounds the whole idea that you have to look and be a certain way to be cool, which reminds me of Lorde’s song “The Love Club”, where they both reference to “The Club” which symbolises exclusivity.

Caroline by The Belligerents

The Belligerents bring a slightly different vibe to the music scene with technilogical sounds incorporated with the traditional guitar and drums. The lead singer also makes them stand out from the crowd with his unique dancing and voice. Caroline is a great example of their music and displays their ability to rethink music as an artform. The video includes many psychedelic affects and is synchronised with the music to create quite a stunning music video.

Elephant by Tame Impala

Tame Impala have been in the music scene for a long time now and are known for their 70s era styled rock songs. Utilising heavy base and deep vocals they create a vibe like no other which made them stand out from other rising bands and secured them a place as one of the greatest bands of this generation. Elephant has a very psychedilic feel, with both the visuals and music being quite trippy.

Take It or Leave It by Cage The Elephant

Another musical staple, Cage The Elephant are a well known band that didn’t take off until they moved from Kentucky to England where their musical career began. Every album they’ve released has had very different distinct vibes, but their most recent music releases are where they truly found their sound and developed as artists. Melaphobia and Tell Me I’m Pretty are irreplacable albums, the second of which won best rock album of the year at the time of its release. Take It or Leave It is a song that really displays the development of their music.

Following Fools by Lime Cordiale

A new release from Lime Cordiale that makes fans excited for what is next to come from them. Lime Cordiale stand out for their use of trumpets and other instruments not traditionally used to surf rock songs. Following Fools is about kids being influenced by TV and media and trying to become cool and rebeling only for them to realise that all their parents are doing is providing for them and wanting the best for them, where they then begin to grow up.

Milo Tin by Tiny Little Houses

Another from Tiny Little Houses, as they’ve dominated this month’s playlist. Milo Tin talks about a traveller who left the singer and how they deal with losing this person to the world. Lamenting about what their friend is doing and seeing as they travel the world while this person remains home and broken.

Valentine by 5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer have been in the music scene for a long time and have been previously compared to One Direction, but their new album Youngblood took an unexpected turn that displays their growth and their ability to change as a band. They’ve evidently matured and so has their music. The music video is nothing too special, but their use of eyeshadow catches the eye of viewers as they break gender stereotypes subtly and artistically.

Four Leaf Clover by The Kooks

The Kooks new album Let’s Go Sunshine definitely shows them reaching back to their roots and creating music similar to what they began with. Four Leaf Clover is about the media and bullying and about a character being stronger then all the hate they recieve. But the most memorable aspect of this song is how visually appealing the video is. Using short clips and laying two visuals over one another it creates an almost trippy video which connects with the lyrics.

Suck It and See by Arctic Monkeys

My personal favourite era of Arctic Monkeys is defnitely Suck It and See, which is closely followed by Humbug. Arctic Monkeys have taken the world by storm over the years, known for their orginal instrumentals and unnerving lyrics they create music like no other band of this generation and have the ability to grow with every album they create. The adaptability is what continues to keep them relevant in the music industry and leaves fans excited for every album to come.

Those are the top 10 songs I’ve been in love with throughout the month of sepetember. Please leave recommendations in the comments and your thoughts on the songs I chose. I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on current music.

Indy xx

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Declan McKenna: an unforgettable icon

It took me a long while to figure out what I wanted to write about today, and I had to think, “hey, what am I passionate about”, and as one of his songs came on at the same time, I realised I have a lot to say about Declan McKenna, and specifically why you should love him as a musical artist.

2018-09-20 10.13.19 1.jpg

Taken from: @thedeclanmckenna

His album What Do You Think About The Car? is one that is musically sound and vibrant, with lyrics that often mean more than one would think upon first listening. He is a British political artist that I cannot ever envision being forgotten as he battles to change the world we currently live in and is a character that all young people can aspire to be like.



The last song he wrote but the one he chose to kick off the album with, Humongous is about him over the previous two years being in the public eye and how that affected him as a person (good and bad). He talks as if the media sometimes mishapes and promotes him wrongly and he wonders if they even care about all the things he has to say as an artist, or if they just see him as another pop singer that’ll die out sooner or later.

The music video itself represents him literally being humongous but is also quite psychedelic in its style.




Originally self-released, Brazil was written to be a dig at government corruption, but with the FIFA scandal at the time in which Brazil was awarded the World Cup, without addressing any of the poverty affecting Brazilians, as the government did nothing. This song is one that put Declan McKenna on the map, and with this strong start paving a good foundation and reputation for poltical greatness.


The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home


This song was written after the Paris terrorist attacks and surrounds how kids want to be politically active but are excluded from voting because of age. Wanting to make change and be a part of a movement still, its about being a young person, wanting to challenge fears, and look for hope in the world despite all the darkness around you.

The video clip contains many shots of current polictal issues, and then cuts to teens talking about the issues and how they feel like they have no power to do anything about these things taking place and how the world needs change.




Mind is a simple song about being a teen and reflecting upon your happiest moments. It seems to reflect teen life and relationships and navigating those choppy waters while also gaining independance from your parents. Its about experiencing the world as you come of age.


Make Me Your Queen


Make Me Your Queen has a double meaning just in the title. On one side it references the patriarchal society we live in, and on the other hand, its an anti-love song using the idea of ‘kings and queens’ to speak about an unhealthy relationship in which one person (the king) has more power over the other (the queen). The song is meant to be sarcastic and satirical and comes across as so.




Isombard is about police brutality as Mckenna protests the political issue. In this song he also mocks blind patriarchy, and references to how patriotism has become a competition of pride instead of a love for one’s country. He also tounches on xenophobia, which is the dislike and prejudice against people of other nations.


I Am Everyone Else


I Am Everyone Else is about politicians and how they will often claim to understand the masses in order to recieve more votes when really they lead anything but ordinary lives. No one can ever truly understand another and by claiming that you know what its like to understand everyone is outright arrogant.




As McKenna came from a Christian family himself, he views religion with sympathy. He says that his parents aren’t very negative or oppresive but there are definitely strands of Christians that are. For this song he wanted to focus on the negative as a lot of bad has come out of religion. This song reflects how some Christians believe they are better than everyone else because they will go to heaven and that they can commit sin and then be forgiven easily.


Why Do You Feel So Down


McKenna was only 16 when he wrote this song and he describes it as a “pisstake dance tune” that came out as a sparkly pop thing and is kind of jokey. This song is basically him making fun of himself and not being too serious. He openly admits in this song that he isn’t as cool as he’d like to be and isn’t a very good friend, which is something we all feel at times.




Paracetemol is about transgender misrepresentation in the media and was sparked after a young trans girl took her life when her mother told her she would never be a girl and forced her to undergo Christain rehibilitation. Unfortunately, her story was not an isolated incedent, and from there this song was born.


Listen to Your Friends


Listen to Your Friends is the first song McKenna wrote with someone else and not predominantly in his bedroom. This song (my personal favourite) is about the media and news and problems in the government and in society.

I think all I can say to conclude this is that Declan McKenna should get more recognition for everything that he has done. To me, I don’t see how someone like him can be forgotten. He is here and determind to change the world for the better, and although it feels like he is fighting an uphill battle, it also makes me happy that he is giving younger people a voice that might actually be heard.

Indy xx

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